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Edulabs - Open-minded and keen to experiment
What is Edulabs?
EduLabs is the UoC's open and experimental platform for providing open educational materials and enabling teaching and learning collaborations between the UoC and external partners.
Here, we not only welcome the standardized scenarios, but also embrace new features and tools. Together we experiment with innovative scenarios and support you with our consulting, training and support services.
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Are you looking for open educational materials? Or would you like to take part in a course that is part of a cooperation?
If you are a student at the University of Cologne, you can log in with your student account. As an external person, you can simply register yourself and use the available offers.
I would like to teach here.
You would like to conduct a course with external people. Or do you have teaching/learning materials that you would like to make available as open educational resources?
Write us or come to our open consultation hours.
We will show you how you can try out new open and innovative teaching and earning scenarios in EduLabs, share them with other people and make them available to external parties.
From right to left: Talking_by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes_CC BY 2.0_bearbeitet durch A.Klein, Advodan Workshop_by Innovation Lab_CC BY 2.0_bearbeitet durch A.Klein, Sharing_Lisa BRown_CC BY-NC 2.0_bearbeitet durch A.Klein